Foothill Horizons

Foothill Horizons is a California Department of Education (CDE) and California Outdoor School Association (COSA) certified residential outdoor school in the foothills of the central Sierra Nevada mountains. Amid 143 acres of forest, meadows, and creeks students learn about ecology, how to respect nature, and how to cooperate with others while having the learning adventure of a lifetime! Foothill Horizons Outdoor School inspires connections to nature and one another. We provide an interactive outdoor science experience, a collaborative learning environment, and personal growth opportunities through individual challenges. 

About Foothill Horizons

Plants to Monitor

Want to help? It’s easy. Choose from the plants below and track when they flower, leaf out or set seed. 

California black oak
Quercus kelloggii
California buckeye
Aesculus californica
Pacific willow
Salix lasiandra
Ponderosa pine
Pinus ponderosa
White alder
Alnus rhombifolia
Whiteleaf manzanita
Arctostaphylos viscida

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