“Gikinoo’wizhiwe Onji Waaban” (Guiding for Tomorrow) or “G-WOW”, the Connect program, and Project BudBurst are partnering for plants. The plants you see listed in the column on the right are culturally relevant to the Lake Superior Ojibwe and important indicators of climate change. By contributing your observations of these plants, you further understanding of how these plants are changing and how their changes affect the people who rely on them. The G-WOW project’s service learning approach promotes community level action to fight climate change and this model can be adapted to other cultures and locations. The G-WOW service learning model and curriculum can be viewed at www.g-wow.org

About G-WOW

Plants to Monitor

Want to help? It’s easy. Choose from the plants below and track when they flower, leaf out or set seed. 

Arrowhead root
Sagittaria latifolia
Black Ash
Fraxinus nigra
Vaccinium angustifolium
Eastern teaberry
Gaultheria procumbens
Northern white cedar
Thuja occidentalis
Smooth shadbush
Amelanchier laevis
Hierochloe odorata
Wild leek
Allium tricoccum
Wild rice
Zizania palustris
Wild strawberry
Fragaria virginiana

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