Speak for the Trees with Project BudBurst and Tree Campus USA®

About LCNR

What if you could...Observe Arbor Day...Collect data for science...and help two national programs at the same time?

Look no further because we’ve got you covered! Project BudBurst and the Arbor Day Foundation's Tree Campus USA program are teaming up for the trees!

Become a Project BudBurst/Tree Campus USA® Partner

As a Project BudBurst/Tree Campus USA Partner, you will receive a dedicated partner page on the Project BudBurst website where you can showcase your Tree Campus USA program along with 10 trees on your campus. You and your team are asked to:

  1. Visit each of your 10 trees, 4 times a year and record your observations on Project BudBurst Single Report forms
  2. Report your observations on the Project BudBurst website at budburst.org
  3. And email your Project BudBurst Tree Campus USA story to us complete with:
    • A 400-500 word summary of what you learned about trees and phenology during your project
    • A photo of each of your trees (10 photos total; 3 MB or less per photo)
    • Your Project BudBurst login handle
    • A letter of completion signed by a member of your Campus Tree Advisory Committee, including that member’s contact information

Dates for Observing Your Trees

Sept-Fall equinox, April-ArborDay, March-Spring Equinox, May 1st

By monitoring your trees on these days each year, you will be adding to a growing database of observations of trees on these days all across the country.

Upon completion, we will send you a Project BudBurst/Tree Campus USA certificate of completion.

Interested? Contact us at budburstinfo@neoninc.org to sign-up!

*There is no cost to participate in Project BudBurst.

Spread the Word

Download the flyers below to share the program with other campuses.

Project BudBurst/Tree Campus Flyer - Half Page

Project BudBurst/Tree Campus Flyer - Full Page


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