What are Conifers?

Conifer trees or rarely shrubs which donot form flowers or fruits, and are members of the order Coniferales which includes pines, cedars, junipers, redwoods and their relatives. Most of these plantshave evergreen needles, although some have deciduous needles (for example larches, baldcypress, dawn redwoods). They have male cones which produce pollen thatis wind dispersed, and woody cones where seeds are born.

Conifers to Observe

Click on a plant name to the right to access printable Regular or Single Report forms to take with you when you observe your plant. These reporting forms describe the leafing, flowering, and fruiting events to look for.

If the plant you'd like to monitor is not on the list, download our Regular Report or Single Report forms for Conifers which describe the leafing, flowering, and fruiting events to look for.

Two Ways to Observe Conifers

The phases you monitor for Conifers will depend upon whether you are observing your plant using Single Reports or Regular Reports.

Regular Reports: Using Regular Report forms, you track your plant (or plants) throughout a season, recording the dates when key leafing, flowering and fruiting events occur (event-based reporting). The Regular Report phenophases for Conifers are: First Needles, First Pollen, Full Pollen, First Ripe Fruit, Full Fruiting.

Single Reports: Using Single Report forms, you select a phase that best describes the leafing, flowering, or fruiting phase that your plant is currently in (ie. Flowers-middle or Flowers-early) on the day you happen to see it (status-based reporting). The Single Report phenophases for Conifers are: First Needles (None), First Needles, Pollen (None), Pollen (Early), Pollen (Middle), Fruit (None), Fruit (Early), Fruit (Middle), Fruit (Late).

Project BudBurst Plants

We have identified 10 Conifers that are easy to identify and widespread across the continental United States.

Pseudotsuga menziesii
Eastern redcedarEastern redcedar
Juniperus virginiana
Eastern white pineEastern white pine
Pinus strobus
Loblolly pineLoblolly pine
Pinus taeda
Longleaf pineLongleaf pine
Pinus palustris
Northern white cedarNorthern white cedar
Thuja occidentalis
Pinyon pinePinyon pine
Pinus edulis
Ponderosa pinePonderosa pine
Pinus ponderosa
Sitka spruceSitka spruce
Picea sitchensis
Western redcedarWestern redcedar
Thuja plicata