Becoming a Project BudBurst Partner

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Partnering with Project BudBurst is a great way to engage visitors, meet educational goals, and participate in a national citizen science effort. We look forward to helping you meet your education and outreach goals.

Before you commit to becoming a partner with us, you may be wondering what you will be asked to contribute and what you can expect to get out of the partnership. Check out the information below. When you're ready to become a partner, send us an email at and we'll get you started.

How You Can Become a Partner

The first step is making certain that your organizations management staff are interested in becoming a BudBurst partner. If you are not a manager, ask an appropriate person at your organization to send an email to indicating it is okay for your organization to sign up.

We will need the following from you:

  • The name, email, title, and phone number of the person at your organization that will be the main contact for communication with the Project BudBurst staff.

  • A short paragraph about your organization/location (approx 100 words) to include on print materials.

  • A list of 10 plants of interest at your location (preferably as many species from the Project BudBurst lists as possible). For any plants of interest that are NOT Project BudBurst plants, please include the common and scientific names, and a brief 2 sentence description of the plants that can be included on a flyer.

  • At least one good photo of each of the 10 plants of interest at your location, with photo credits.

  • Five to ten high-resolution photos of your location (at least 700 x 400 pixel, with photo credits), which will be used to create your customized web page, flyer, and poster. Include at least one photo of your organizations entrance sign, several photos that capture the scenery of your location, and preferably a few photos of visitors at your location (pictures of visitors looking at or engaging with plants are especially encouraged!).

  • A quote from your organizations manager or other staff member about why your organization decided to participate in Project BudBurst, which will be included on your customized flyer. (Example)

  • A commitment to make a minimum of 10 plant reports a year.

That's all we need to get started. The Project BudBurst staff will develop the materials and ask for your review along the way. We look forward to working with you!

What are the benefits of becoming a Partner?

Becoming a BudBurst Partner is a great way to engage visitors, volunteers, educators, and staff in tracking changes in plants across the seasons. Project BudBurst observation data is freely available to researchers and the public and can be used to monitor plants as they adapt to changing environments. When you become a BudBurst Partner, you receive the following:

  • A customized BudBurst web page for your organization (Example)

  • A customized poster to hang in your headquarters to share your BudBurst Partnership with your community (Example)

  • A customized, downloadable handout about how to participate in Project BudBurst at your location that you can give out to your participants (Example)

We have also worked with some of our partners to write short, easy to understand articles about climate change in different states. If this is of interest to your organization, we can work with your organization to provide this as well. Development of this resource requires a larger time commitment from our partners. The climate change article will then be linked from your customized web page (Example).

Have other questions? Check out our Partner FAQ's.

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What People are Saying

"Enriching lives through education and conservation is one of the goals of Open Space. Participating in Project BudBurst is a great way we can teach and engage citizen scientists in local park conservation efforts. In addition we become an important contributor to a nationwide organization aimed at understanding plant responses to climate."
--Lisa Kluesner, Natural Resource Specialist

"Participating in Project Budburst is a way for visitors to look just a little more carefully at the natural world while collecting valuable information on how climate impacts park flora. We are pleased to join with Project Budburst in this citizen scientist effort."
--Judy Visty, Branch Chief for Research, Rocky Mountain National Park

"The National Wildlife Refuge System is excited to be a national partner of Project BudBurst. BudBurst at the Refuges is a great program for building new skills among our Friends organizations and volunteers and engaging our visitors and partners in monitoring changes to our natural landscapes."
--Kevin Kilcullen, Chief of Visitor Services, US Fish and Wildlife Service

"Participation in Project BudBurst is a wonderful way for garden visitors of all ages to reconnect with the natural world while learning how climate affects the timing of plant life cycle events like flowering, fruiting and leaf color change."
--Kayri Havens-Young, Director of Plant Science and Conservation, Chicago Botanic Garden