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Cherry Blossom Blitz Results are In!

Thanks to everyone who participated in this year's Cherry Blossom Blitz! Your observations are adding to a growing data set of cherry blossom observations. We've compiled this year's results into an infographic. Check it out!
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Project BudBurst data are being used for PopClock science

We're delighted to share this update from the PopClock science team. "PopClock began its first season in spring 2013 and we were excited to recruit our first group of Project BudBurst citizen scientists. These dedicated participants reported on dates of spring leaf emergence in stands of balsam poplar and quaking aspen from across the continent— Alaska to the Rockies and east to the Great...
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EOL Memory Game with Project BudBurst Top 10 Plants

The Encyclopedia of Life recently developed an online memory game featuring the Project BudBurst Top 10 Plants. This game is great for anyone wanting to learn a little more about plants in a fun, interactive way. It's also a fun learning opportunity for students, both in the classroom and at home!  Play the game
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Project BudBurst is now a partner with ClimateChangeLIVE – a new distance learning adventure for students and teachers. The U.S. Forest Service, Prince William Network, and partners are making climate learning widely available through a series of webcasts, webinars, and other interesting online climate education resources. ClimateChangeLIVE offers many opportunities for students and teachers...
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Project BudBurst was chosen by the SciStarter editors as a Top Ten Back-to-School citizen science program. In addition, the SciStarter editors have chosen Project BudBurst as a featured Middle School citizen science project. This recognition reflects the collective efforts of our dedicated community and staff. We are delighted that Project BudBurst was noted as having high quality educational...
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