Get to know the phenophases of your plant

Okay, you have chosen a plant to observe. Now what?
Time to learn about its unique phenophases. In this section, we provide links to definitions and photo galleries to help you become familiar with plant phenophases.

Please Note: You can also find all of the phenophase descriptions you need on the report forms you'll use to record data about your plant.

Single Report Phenophases

Record what the plant is doing at any given point in time.

Single Report Phenophases

Regular Report Phenophases

Record the dates throughout the year when you first notice the plant leafing, flowering, and fruiting.

Deciduous Trees and Shrubs
Wildflowers and Herbs
Evergreen Trees and Shrubs
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What is a phenophase?

A phenophase is a distinct event in the annual life cycle of a plant or animal in relation to changes in seasons and climate. In plants, examples of these observable events include budburst, first flower, first ripe fruit, and color change.

Examples of phenophases

These photos are just a few examples of plant phenophases. Check out the galleries to the left to view more.