Deciduous Trees and Shrubs

What are Deciduous Trees and Shrubs?

Deciduous trees and shrubs are plants that lose their leaves at the end of each growing season; usually during the winter, but can also occur during a dry season in warm climates. In Project BudBurst, we group deciduous trees and shrubs together, however, there are significant differences. Deciduous trees are generally defined as woody, self-supporting perennial plant that have a single main stem and grow to more than 20 feet tall.Deciduous shrubs are woody, perennial plants that are smaller than trees (less than 20 feet) and usually have several stems.

Deciduous Trees and Shrubs to Observe

Click on a plant name to the right to access printable Regular or Single Report forms to take with you when you observe your plant. These reporting forms describe the leafing, flowering, and fruiting events to look for.

If the plant you'd like to monitor is not on the list, download our Regular Report or Single Report forms for Deciduous Trees and Shrubs which describe the leafing, flowering, and fruiting events to look for.

Two Ways to Observe Deciduous Trees and Shrubs

The phases you monitor for Deciduous Trees and Shrubs will depend upon whether you are observing your plant using Single Reports or Regular Reports.

Regular Reports: Using Regular Report forms, you track your plant (or plants) throughout a season, recording the dates when key leafing, flowering and fruiting events occur (event-based reporting). The Regular Report phenophases for Deciduous Trees and Shrubs are: Bud Burst, First Leaf, All Leaves Unfolded, First Flower, Full Flower, First Ripe Fruit, Full Fruiting, 50% Color, 50% Leaf Fall.

Single Reports: Using Single Report forms, you select a phase that best describes the leafing, flowering, or fruiting phase that your plant is currently in (ie. Flowers-middle or Flowers-early) on the day you happen to see it (status-based reporting). The Single Report phenophases for Deciduous Trees and Shrubs are: Leaves Unfolding (None), Leaves Unfolding (Early), Leaves Unfolding (Middle), Leaves Unfolding (Late), Leaves Changing Color (None), Leaves Changing Color (Early), Leaves Changing Color (Middle), Leaves Changing Color (Late), Leaves Dropping (None), Leaves Dropping (Early), Leaves Dropping (Middle), Leaves Dropping (Late), Flowers (None), Flowers (Early), Flowers (Middle), Flowers (Late), Fruit (None), Fruit (Early), Fruit (Middle), Fruit (Late).

Project BudBurst Plants

We have identified 107 Deciduous Trees and Shrubs that are easy to identify and widespread across the continental United States.

American beautyberryAmerican beautyberry
Callicarpa americana
American beechAmerican beech
Fagus grandifolia
American elmAmerican elm
Ulmus americana
American lindenAmerican linden
Tilia americana
American mountain ashAmerican mountain ash
Sorbus americana
American witchhazelAmerican witchhazel
Hamamelis virginiana
Antelope bitterbrushAntelope bitterbrush
Purshia tridentata
Apache plumeApache plume
Fallugia paradoxa
Malus pumila
Bald cypressBald cypress
Taxodium distichum
Balsam poplarBalsam poplar
Populus balsamifera
Beaked hazelnutBeaked hazelnut
Corylus cornuta
Bigflower pawpawBigflower pawpaw
Asimina obovata
Bigleaf mapleBigleaf maple
Acer macrophyllum
Bigtoothed aspenBigtoothed aspen
Populus grandidentata
Black AshBlack Ash
Fraxinus nigra
Black birchBlack birch
Betula lenta
Black cherryBlack cherry
Prunus serotina
Black cottonwoodBlack cottonwood
Populus trichocarpa
Black elderberryBlack elderberry
Sambucus nigra
Black locustBlack locust
Robinia pseudoacacia
Black oakBlack oak
Quercus velutina
Nyssa sylvatica
Blue elderberryBlue elderberry
Sambucus mexicana
Vaccinium angustifolium
Acer negundo
Cephalanthus occidentalis
California black oakCalifornia black oak
Quercus kelloggii
California blackberryCalifornia blackberry
Rubus ursinus
California buckeyeCalifornia buckeye
Aesculus californica
California roseCalifornia rose
Rosa californica
California sagebrushCalifornia sagebrush
Artemisia californica
Cherry (other)Cherry (other)
Prunus sp
Chinese elmChinese elm
Ulmus parvifolia
Chinese lilacChinese lilac
Syringa x chinensis
Chinese pistacheChinese pistache
Pistacia chinensis
Prunus virginiana
Common lilacCommon lilac
Syringa vulgaris
Common snowberryCommon snowberry
Symphoricarpos albus
Coyote willowCoyote willow
Salix exigua
Crape myrtleCrape myrtle
Lagerstroemia indica
Desert willowDesert willow
Chilopsis linearis
Downy serviceberryDowny serviceberry
Amelanchier arborea
Eastern redbudEastern redbud
Cercis canadensis
Eastern serviceberryEastern serviceberry
Amelanchier canadensis
Flowering dogwoodFlowering dogwood
Cornus florida
Forsythia xintermedia
Green ashGreen ash
Fraxinus pennsylvanica
Gumbo limboGumbo limbo
Bursera simaruba
Highbush blueberryHighbush blueberry
Vaccinium corymbosum
Viburnum lantanoides
Indian plumIndian plum
Oemleria cerasiformis
Carpinus caroliniana
Jamaica dogwoodJamaica dogwood
Piscidia piscipula
Japanese zelkovaJapanese zelkova
Zelkova serrata
Kwanzan cherryKwanzan cherry
Prunus serrulata
Lewis' mock orangeLewis' mock orange
Philadelphus lewisii
Mockernut hickoryMockernut hickory
Carya tomentosa
Mountain mahoganyMountain mahogany
Cercocarpus montanus
Viburnum lentago
Northern red oakNorthern red oak
Quercus rubra
Ohio buckeyeOhio buckeye
AesculusĀ glabra
Oregon ash Oregon ash
Fraxinus latifolia
Oregon crabappleOregon crabapple
Malus fusca
Oregon white oakOregon white oak
Quercus garryana
Overcup oakOvercup oak
Quercus lyrata
Pacific dogwoodPacific dogwood
Cornus nuttallii
Pacific willowPacific willow
Salix lasiandra
Paper birchPaper birch
Betula papyrifera
Asimina triloba
Pin cherryPin cherry
Prunus pensylvanica
Plains cottonwoodPlains cottonwood
Populus deltoides
Prairie rosePrairie rose
Rosa arkansana
Quaking aspenQuaking aspen
Populus tremuloides
Red alderRed alder
Alnus rubra
Red flowering currantRed flowering currant
Ribes sanguineum
Red lace-leaf Japanese mapleRed lace-leaf Japanese maple
Acer palmatum var. dissectum
Red mapleRed maple
Acer rubrum
Red osier dogwoodRed osier dogwood
Cornus sericea
Rocky mountain mapleRocky mountain maple
Acer glabrum
Rubus spectabilis
Sandhill plumSandhill plum
Prunus angustifolia
Sassafras albidum
Shagbark hickoryShagbark hickory
Carya ovata
Shrubby cinquefoilShrubby cinquefoil
Dasiphora floribunda
Smooth shadbushSmooth shadbush
Amelanchier laevis
Sour cherrySour cherry
Prunus cerasus
Oxydendrum arboreum
Southern arrowwoodSouthern arrowwood
Viburnum dentatum
Lindera benzoin
Sugar mapleSugar maple
Acer saccharum
Sweet cherrySweet cherry
Prunus avium
Liquidambar styraciflua
Tag alderTag alder
Alnus serrulata
Three-leaf sumacThree-leaf sumac
Rhus trilobata
Tree chollaTree cholla
Cylindropuntia imbricata
Tulip poplarTulip poplar
Liriodendron tulipifera
Western serviceberryWestern serviceberry
Amelanchier alnifolia
Western snowberryWestern snowberry
Symphoricarpos occidentalis
White alderWhite alder
Alnus rhombifolia
White oakWhite oak
Quercus alba
Erythrina sandwicensis
Willow oakWillow oak
Quercus phellos
Woods' roseWoods' rose
Rosa woodsii
Yellow birchYellow birch
Betula alleghaniensis
Yellow buckeyeYellow buckeye
Aesculus flava
Yoshino cherryYoshino cherry
Prunus x yedoensis