Grades 9-12 Classroom Activities

Below you will find some example classroom activities relevant to the 9-12 grade levels. Click on the View Standards icon to view standards associated with that activity. Do you have activities related to PBB that you have implemented in the classroom? Write to us at

Plant Parts/Physiology (9-12)

Investigating Invasives

View StandardsInvasive plants can crowd out native species, reducing biodiversity and disrupting how an ecosystem functions. Students will learn all about invasives and why they are harmful; they will also investigate some species that have become established in their local community.

Why We Care About Plants (9-12)

A Plethora of Pollinators

View StandardsStudents will learn about plant and pollinator adaptations and how these suites of characteristics interact.

Ecosystems and Biomes (9-12)

Studying Eco-climatic Domains

View StandardsStudents will research how different plant species might be affected by climate change in the different eco-climatic domains in the United States.

Plants and Climate (9-12)

How Might Elevated CO2 Affect Plants

View StandardsStudents will plant, care for, and observe the changes in growing plants under conditions of ambient (normal) CO2 and increased levels of CO2. Students will learn about the relationships between CO2, plants, and climate change.

Plant Observation (9-12)

Using a Key to Classify Plants

View StandardsStudents will learn all about classification and dichotomous keys, first by making a key for their classmates, and then by making one for nearby plants.

Botanical Scavenger Hunt

View Standards Send students on a scavenger hunt to seek out various botanical features of plants. Students will document their findings with a digital camera and present what they found to the rest of the class. Happy hunting!


Photographs courtesy of Denver Botanic Gardens, Chicago Botanic Garden. *All downloadable materials require the free Adobe Reader.