K-4 Classroom Activities

Below you will find some example classroom activities relevant to the K-4 grade levels. Click on the View Standards icon to view standards associated with that activity. Do you have activities related to PBB that you have implemented in the classroom? Write to us at budburstinfo@neoninc.org.

Plant Parts/Physiology (K-4)

Root Roundup

View StandardsLearn about the different kinds of roots and about the important jobs they do for plants. Students will make observations of roots and learn about fibrous and tap root systems.

Pulling the Water Chain

View StandardsStudents learn about plant stems and capillary action through experimentation. Repeated observations explore how plants grow.

Breathing Plants

View StandardsDiscover how plants breathe through their leaves. Extension activities explore photosynthesis and transpiration.

Operation Flower Dissection

View StandardsObserve the similarities and differences between flowers of different plants. Students will also learn the anatomy of a flower.

How Seeds Travel

View StandardsStudents will learn about seed dispersal and will make observations of different types of seeds to determine how they travel.

Why We Care About Plants (K-4)

The Wander of Pollen

View StandardsStudents will learn about pollen and explore how insects and animals carry pollen. Using the extension activities outside allows students to observe pollination in action!

Plants and Climate (K-4)


View StandardsStudents will explore how different growing conditions affect plants. They will use the information available on seed packets to determine how ranges of conditions determine where plants can grow and succeed

Plant Observation (K-4)

Colors in Nature

View StandardsStudents will create colorful bead bracelets to wear outside while searching for matching colors in the plants they see. They'll be surprised at the variety of colors nature provides!

Leafy Combo

View StandardsNot all leaves are alike! Students will create a wheel to help them look for leaves with different shapes, colors, textures and edges.


Photographs courtesy of Denver Botanic Gardens, Chicago Botanic Garden.

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