BudBurst in the Classroom
Standards Guide K-4

The table below lists the national science, geography, math, and literacy standards (where applicable) addressed in this Project BudBurst classroom activity. To download this classroom activity, please go to K-4 Classroom Activities, which also includes general descriptions of the activities and links to implementation guides with information on how to use these resources with your students.


Unit Theme: Plant Parts/Physiology
Activity Title: Breathing Plants
Grade Level: K-4
National Science Education Standards
Science Content Standard A: Science as Inquiry
  Abilities Necessary to Do Scientific Inquiry: Students should answer their questions by seeking information from reliable scientific sources and from their own observations and investigations. Plan and conduct simple investigations; Use data to construct a reasonable explanation.
Science Content Standard B: Physical Science
  Properties of Objects: Objects have many observable properties, including size, weight, shape, color, etc.
Science Content Standard C: Life Science
  Characteristics of Organisms: Organisms have basic needs. For example, plants require air, water, nutrients, and light. Each plant or animal has different structures that serve different functions in growth, survival and reproduction.
Science Content Standard D: Earth and Space Science
  Properties of Earth Materials: Earth materials are solid rocks and soils, water, and the gases of the atmosphere.
Standards for the English Language Arts
Literacy Standards
  Standard 12: Students use spoken, written, and visual language to accomplish their own purposes.

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