Project BudBurst For Grades 5-8 Educators

Students in grades 5-8 deepen their understanding of plants through the study of adaptations, populations, and ecosystems. Current issues surrounding climate change can generate many questions for students. By participating in Project BudBurst, teachers can bring these topics together for students as they explore first hand how plants respond to changing environmental cues.

The resources available here are designed to help you bring Project BudBurst into Your Grade 5-8 Classroom.

Classroom Implementation Guide


This Implementation Guide for Teachers provides all of the basic information you'll need to implement Project BudBurst in your mid grade (5-8) classroom. You will find information on Project BudBurst protocols, tips on choosing a study site and study plants, and suggestions for how to customize the project to meet your educational needs.

Classroom Registration


There are several ways to manage your student's registration in Project BudBurst. This Guide outlines the different ways to get registered, and provides step-by-step instructions on setting up your accounts.

Addressing Education Standards


Using Project BudBurst in the classroom can help address many of the national education standards in science and geography, as well as Common Core standards in mathematics and language arts. Download this document to find highlights of the standards and practices for grades 5-8.

Supplemental Activities


In addition to using Project BudBurst protocols to make observations and explore data, the basic science behind Project BudBurst provides a rich array of topics to explore. Here you will find activities relating to these topics, for grades 5-8.

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Gain an appreciation for nature

The outdoor classroom is a powerful place for learning. Project BudBurst provides a structured way to brings students up close with nature as they learn to observe and record plant interactions with the environment. Project BudBurst can help students learn to see changes in nature and reignite their natural curiosity to ponder "why?"

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