Project BudBurst for Informal Educators

Project BudBurst can enhance many informal education experiences -- whether your audience is a school group or active retirees. There are two primary levels of participation that work well for informal education audiences, Regular Reports and Single Reports. There are also extensions of these two participation types, Seasonal Campaigns and Partnerships that may of interest to your visitors/participants.

Single Reports

Single Reports are observations made once, for a particular plant, at a particular location. Single Reports are ideal for many informal education settings where participants are not likely to make repeat visits.

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Partnerships are a key part of the success of Project BudBurst. These programs engage and connect to diverse communities throughout the country, fostering local and national relevance to the program.

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Regular Reports

Regular Reports are repeated observations of a plant(s) in a particular location an are event based. Regular Reports are great for engaging repeat visitors or volunteers to your location.

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Seasonal Campaigns

Three times a year, Project BudBurst hosts seasonal campaigns to actively seek observations of a particular type. The campaigns include Fall into Phenology, Cherry Blossom Blitz and Summer Solstice Snapshot.

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Learn to map Project BudBurst data online with our National Geographic FieldScope professional development module.

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