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Are you looking for an opportunity for your undergraduate students to participate in a continental scale ecology project? Are you an undergraduate student looking for a way contribute to a better understanding of climate change? In response to increasing interest from the undergraduate community, we are developing resources focused on the needs of faculty and students in undergraduate ecology, botany, biology, and other related environmental sciences. Project BudBurst offers the opportunity to engage students in authentic and ongoing research in plant phenology. Participation is one way for students to actively connect with their local environment while providing data that is being collected as part of a continental-scale ecology and climate change program. Project BudBurst data is freely available to all. Data you collect today be available to you in the future.

Help us identify resources and materials that will be of most use in undergraduate education. We envision a forum for the exchange of ideas and resources to make effective implementation of Project BudBurst. Perhaps this would involve interaction between students from different areas of the country tracking similar plants. Or maybe ideas on how to use Project BudBurst data with other data sets. At this early stage, we are very open to your ideas and input. Please share your ideas and experiences by contacting We are interested in the perspectives of both students and faculty.

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