For Educators

In response to the Co-Vid 19 emergency and increased need for remote learning tools, Budburst Classrooms has added new functionality, providing flexibility in selecting species and locations.  In addition, teachers can choose to either create student accounts or invite participants via email.  For details, please review Choosing Features for Your Classroom.

Budburst has RUSHED these features in response to the Co-Vid 19 emergency; help make them useful to you and others by reporting problems, providing input, and sending questions to This document will be updated regularly so please check back!

Budburst is a citizen science program focused on understanding plant phenophase timing and its response to environmental change. Integrating Budburst into your classroom or informal instruction can make the process of science real. You and your students/visitors can join the national Budburst network of scientists, students, teachers, and volunteers monitoring plants as the seasons change, and together help us understand how plants respond to climate change.

Budburst has many resources to help you integrate phenology observations in a variety of educational settings including the ability to create student accounts and build a research site listing specific plants.

Citizen Science Academy

Continuing Professional Development Courses

Citizen Science Academy (CSA) courses use Budburst as a case study for learning about citizen science as a field, how to use citizen science effectively in a variety of educational settings, and how to create compelling activities and opportunities to engage with the natural world.  

Some courses also include other citizen science programs such as: eBird, Community Collaborative Rain, Hail & Snow Network (CoCoRaHS), FrogWatch USA, and Picture Post. Citizen Science Academy courses allow you to participate in a community of practice dedicated to engaging youth and adults in science. CSA courses are geared toward formal and informal educators, but are open to all.