Fall into Phenology

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Celebrate the beauty of autumn by observing plants in your community with our Fall into Phenology campaign. During September and October take a moment and make an observation of plants as the seasons change. Are your plants flowering, fruiting, changing leaf color? Tell us! Participating is easy – just Observe, Record, and Report.

Educators - engage your students in reporting too! Check out our Educator resources (organized by grade band) for Implementation and Classroom Registration guides.
New to the world of plant observing? No problem — check out our Observing Plants section to learn how to observe. Need help? Email us at budburstinfo@neoninc.org

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About Fall into Phenology

The Fall equinox, September 22nd, is a notable time of year because it marks the changing of the seasons. Although the Fall equinox is just one day, the annual Fall into Phenology campaign is much longer, from September 1st through October 31st, giving you plenty of time to observe the plants in your area during the event. Learn more about the campaign.

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