View Project BudBurst Observations Using FieldScope's Data Discovery Tool

The FieldScope Data Discovery Tool displays all Project BudBurst observations submitted since 2008. You can click on individual observation locations (which are displayed on the map using a leaf icon) to learn more about each one.

You can also watch Project BudBurst YouTube videos about using different parts of the Data Discovery Tool.

Please note: This application is still being improved by National Geographic. Please let us know if you discover any bugs when working with the mapping interface, or if you have suggestions for improvement!

National Geographic's FieldScope

The National Geographic FieldScope program provides free, web-based mapping, data analysis and visualization tools. These tools are a great way to engage the public, students, and citizen scientists in working with spatial data (data collected at particular locations). Please visit the FieldScope project website to learn more about the other citizen science programs they support.