Project BudBurst's 10 Most Wanted Plants

Why did we choose these plants? Our science team requested that special attention be given to these plant species for the 2014* field campaign because these 10 Most Wanted plants are easily identified, widely distributed across the US, and scientifically interesting.

One of the most exciting aspects of Project BudBurst is that it provides consistent data at hundreds of locations across the country. Many observations of these 10 Most Wanted plants were made in recent years and more observations are very valuable to the scientists and educators who use the Project BudBurst data. Your observations of Project BudBurst's 10 Most Wanted plants will help us better understand how these plants are changing with our changing environment.


Of course, your observations of the over 250 targeted Project BudBurst species are important to us and we are always interested in your observations of 'Other' species as well. Your observations help us better understand how plants are responding to changes in their environments.

*To make certain that at least one of the 10 Most Wanted Plant species can be found in each of the 50 states, this year's list includes Southern magnolia and California poppy. Although Spiderwort and Black cottonwood are no longer on our 10 Most Wanted list, your observations of these species are still important and we hope you will continue to monitor them!