Gardens at Rio Grande Nature Center State Park

Located within the 170-acre Rio Grande Nature Center State Park, Albuquerque, New Mexico, the 1.5-acre Native Plants Garden showcases the incorporation of New Mexico's diverse native plants from different elevation zones in New Mexico that can be used in urban and suburban landscapes, with demonstration gardens of cacti, native grassy meadows, woodland flowers and shrubs, and an evening-blooming moon garden. The Native Plants Garden includes examples of developing backyard wildlife habitat, such as reptile rock covers, understories for birds and other wildlife, bee cookies, and a butterfly puddle. Mariposaville Garden highlights pollinator plants that attract insects and birds.

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Prunus virginiana
Common snowberry
Symphoricarpos albus
Oregon grape
Mahonia repens
Plains cottonwood
Populus deltoides
Red columbine
Aquilegia canadensis
Red osier dogwood
Cornus sericea
Sand penstemon
Penstemon ambiguus
Three-leaf sumac
Rhus trilobata
Wild bergamot
Monarda fistulosa
Woods' rose
Rosa woodsii

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