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People Observing Plants

Every plant tells a story. Whether you have an afternoon, a few weeks, a season or a whole year, you can make an important contribution to better understand changing climates in your area. Our website provides everything you need to get outside, make reports, and share what you find with others. Sign up and start making Project BudBurst observations today.

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This sounds great! How do I get started?

As a Project BudBurst participant, you are asked to observe plants, record your observations, and report your observations on our website. Read more about these steps below.


Observing plants is at the heart of Project BudBurst. We have an Observing Plants tutorial that will help you figure out what plant to observe, how to go about identifying it, and what kind of reporting is best for you.


We have 2 ways for you to make observations, Regular Reports and Single Reports. You'll use our Regular and/or Single Report forms to record observations of the leafing, flowering, and fruiting phases of your plant.


First, create an account with us. Then we'll walk you through the steps for reporting the observations you recorded on the report forms, from describing your location using an interactive map, to adding your observations on the website.

What do I do next?

People observing plants Man observing a conifer Students observing plants

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