San Juan Island
National Historical Park

In 1966, San Juan Island National Historical Park was established to commemorate the peaceful resolution of the infamous Pig War and Oregon boundary dispute. The park is located on scenic San Juan Island in Washington State and consists of two separate units, American Camp and English Camp, a diverse landscape, from seaside bluffs and marine lagoons to evergreen forests and stands of Garry oak. Information gathered for Project BudBurst will provide both scientists and the community with valuable data about how climate change is affecting our country’s plants and animals. Make a valuable contribution to our understanding of park resources, and learn more about the beautiful plants in the San Juan Islands.


Plants to Monitor

Want to help? It’s easy. Choose from the plants below and track when they flower, leaf out or set seed.

Common camas
Cammassia quamash
Common yarrow
Achillea millefolium
Amsinckia menziesii
Field chickweed
Cerastium arvense
Field mustard
Brassica rapa
Henderson's shooting star
Dodecatheon hendersonii
Gaultheria shallon
Rubus spectabilis
Western redcedar
Thuja plicata
White oak
Quercus alba

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