Welcome to Phenology 101 for Educators

The Phenology 101 for Educators educational materials are divided into three units, each with a background guide, hands-on activities, and videos. 

Please share any feedback, including suggestions, with us at budburst@chicagobotanic.org that can be used to improve the final version. 

Unit 1: What is Phenology?

Introduction to Phenology PDF

Intro Trailer Movie - Activity

PBB Single Report - Activity

PBB The Stories Plants Tell - YouTube Movie

PBB Changing Climates - YouTube Movie

Unit 2: How can we (scientists and citizens) monitor phenology remotely?

Monitoring Phenology PDF

PhenoCam Location - Activity

Annotate SeasonSpotter Images - Activity

Measuring Plant Phenology from Ground to Space - YouTube Movie

Mapping the Invisible: Introduction to Spectral Remote Sensing - YouTube Movie

Season Spotter Tutorial: Marking Polygon Features - YouTube Movie

Season Spotter Tutorial: Editing Polygon Features - YouTube Movie

Unit 3: How can we use phenology data?

Introduction to Phenology Data - PDF

Data Matching - Activity

Graphing & Analyzing PhenoCam Data - Activity

Downloading PhenoCam Images - Tutorial

Graphing Ideas - Teacher's Guide