National Key Deer Refuge

The National Key Deer Refuge was established in 1957 to protect and preserve Key deer and other wildlife resources in the Florida Keys. The refuge consists of approximately 9,200 acres of land that includes pine rockland forests, tropical hardwood hammocks, freshwater wetlands, salt marsh wetlands, and mangrove forests. These natural communities are a critical habitat for hundreds of endemic and migratory species including 17 federally-listed species.

Explore more about National Key Deer Refuge on their website and find out how you can make a difference by volunteering and visiting the Refuge.

About NKDR
Black mangrove
Avicennia germinans
Pithecellobium guadalupense
Gumbo limbo
Bursera simaruba
Jamaica dogwood
Piscidia piscipula
Locust berry
Byrsonima lucida
Metopium toxiferum
Sea grape
Coccoloba uvifera
Sea ox-eye daisy
Borrichia frutescens
Sea rosemary
Argusia gnaphalodes
Spider lily
Hymenocallis latifolia

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