Urban Tree Phenology

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Welcome to Urban Tree Phenology!

Urban Tree Phenology (UTP), a special project of Project BudBurst, is designed to engage professional urban foresters and the public in observations of the phenological events of trees in our nations' urban areas in order to raise awareness of climate change and urban heat island research. Participation in UTP is designed to be simple and straightforward. All the information you need to participate can be found on this portal page as well as additional background information about phenology and climate change.

Targeted Species List

Information and Resources
American elm
American linden
Bald cypress
Chinese elm
Chinese pistache
Crape myrtle
Eastern redbud
Eastern serviceberry
Eastern white pine
Flowering dogwood
Green ash
Japanese zelkova
Loblolly pine
Northern red oak
Overcup oak
Paper birch
Plains cottonwood
Ponderosa pine
Red maple
Southern live oak
Tulip poplar
Willow oak