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Real Life Science with Dandelions and Project BudBurst

“Project BudBurst is an excellent project for students who want to do something positive for the environment, and it supports life-science performance expectations outlined in the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).” – Katherine Johnson, Chicago Botanic Garden

Dandelions can be found nearly anywhere you go in the United States. If there is a patch of grass or a crack in a sidewalk, dandelions can often make a home for themselves. Many of us think of them as weeds and have a love/hate relationship with this ubiquitous plant. Who would have thought that dandelions are just dandy when it comes to engaging students in authentic research on climate change?  Check out a recent article in the Journal of Microbiology and Biology Education where Katherine Johnson, Youth Education Programs Director at the Chicago Botanic Garden, shares her experience involving youth in Project BudBurst using dandelions as a research subject.

Read the Article: Real Life Science with Dandelions and Project BudBurst


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