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Thinking of Mom

by Sandra Henderson

Purple lilacMother's Day and flowers seem to go hand in hand. Come Sunday, May 8th, moms all over the country will be treated to bouquets of blossoms. This got us swapping stories of plants that reminded of us of our mothers and thought we would ask the Project BudBurst community to share as well. So, what plants remind you of your mom? Or of the other great "mom-like" women in your life? Email us with the plant that you connect with mom. We'll compile the results to share in a future newsletter and social media. The plant I most associate with my mom is the lilac. How about you?

Update: The Results Are In!

Last week we asked you to share what plants remind you of mom, and you responded:

  • 16% said Roses,
  • 13% said Lilacs,
  • Irises & Violets were tied at 10% each,
  • and Petunias & Peonies each received 6% of the votes.

Some "honorable mentions" — Daffodils, Jack-in-the-pulpits, Orchids, Poppies, Snapdragons, Trillium, Wisteria, & Vegetables in the garden.

Why not go out and observe your "mom plant" and submit an observation to Project BudBurst?

Purple lilac photo courtesy of Eve Lempriere


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