Community BudBurst for Educators

Photo courtesy of the Chicago Botanic Garden.

Whether you're at a nature center, a local park, a museum or a schoolyard, in K-12 or college, part of formal or informal education, Project BudBurst was designed to help educators reach educational objectives and outcomes.

Educators can use Project BudBurst to address a variety of science, geography, and other objectives while getting their participants outside to observe and engage with the environment around them. Participants can also use Project BudBurst protocols to develop their own inquiry based investigations or research programs.

K-12 activities can be found on the Project BudBurst educator pages and are aligned with national education standards (science, math, and geography). Project BudBurst focuses on making scientific observations and we provide content on plant life cycles, ecosystem interaction, phenology and climate change. By participating in Project BudBurst, students are part of a continental scale ecology research effort where scientists are using their data. Students can also access Project BudBurst data from their My BudBurst page to do their own analysis. We invite educators to share their stories of Project BudBurst in their classroom or ask us questions at

We also have a mobile app that can be a great tool to use if your participants have access to smartphones with the Android operating system.

If you think of interesting ways to implement Project BudBurst at your location or find yourself with additional questions, send an email to