purple flowers with yellow-gold centers.
Photo Credit
Photo courtesy of US Fish and Wildlife Service, Wikimedia.

Aromatic aster

Scientific name
Symphyotrichum oblongifolium
Also Known As
Aromatic American aster, Fall aster, Wild blue aster, Shale barren aster
Plant Family
Plant Group
Aromatic aster is a native perennial wildflower that grows from 1–3 feet tall. The aster’s rigid stems branch out from the base.  The name derives from the balsam-like scent when stems are crushed or broken.
Identification Hints

Flowers of the Aromatic aster appear in fall (September-November) and are composite with purple to violet ray flowers along their edges and yellow disk flowers within the center. Ray flowers usually have a petal which radiates outward from the composite flower's center. The oblong leaves are .5 to 3 inches long and alternate, progressing singly up the stem. 

Did You Know?

Aromatic aster is an adaptable, easy to grow ground cover for dry, sunny locations. It creates showy mounds of blooms in fall and is excellent for native landscape gardens. Asters will grow on disturbed sites and can be used for wildlife habitat restoration.  A tea made from the roots of asters has been used to treat fevers.  

Nativar Research Project: Contribute your pollinator observations of this native plant and three of its cultivars. Are pollinators as attracted to the nativars as they are to the original native plant?  Read more at the Nativar Research Project page.

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