Photo Credit
Photo courtesy of Dolly Cummings, Camp Bayou.

Bigflower pawpaw

Scientific name
Asimina obovata
Also Known As
Flag pawpaw
Plant Family
Creamy white flowers with narrow leaves that are widest above the middle.
Identification Hints

Bigflower pawpaw has creamy white to greenish flowers with 6 petals and 3 sepals that nod downwards. The inner three petals have maroonish bases. The leaves alternate along the branches and leaves are widest above the middle of the leaf. The flowers come out after the leaves appear.

Did You Know?

Bigflower pawpaw is found only in the state of Florida. It generally blooms between March and May and is generally found in dry areas such as pine scrub, flatwoods, dunes, and sandy ridges. According to the Archibold Biological Station, the flowers typically bloom for about 6 weeks. The fruits generally take 3-4 months to ripen.