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The Program

Uncover the stories of plants and animals affected by our changing environment.

About Budburst

Budburst is a collection of researchers, educators, gardeners, and community scientists working together to illustrate the human impacts on the natural world around us. We tell that story through data collection, data sharing, education, and personal connections.

How it works

  1. Make observations

    Discover the magic of nature wherever you are while documenting plant and animal interactions, monitoring plant life cycles, and uncovering the connections between us and our environment.

  2. Participate in Projects

    Take part in ongoing Budburst projects and assist researchers in answering questions about how humans affect the environment around us.

  3. Engage in Activities

    Dive into a variety of Budburst activities on your own, as a family, in the classroom, or as part of a volunteer group.

  4. Contribute Your Data

    Researchers use the data collected by community scientists to address important environmental questions and contribute to lasting conservation action to preserve the planet.

What is Phenology, and what does it mean for you?

Phenology is the study of the timing of the biological events in plants and animals, such as flowering, leafing, hibernation, reproduction, and migration. Community scientists like you will help us collect data on how plants respond to climate change by tracking their phenology over time. The more data you collect, the more we can understand the effects of climate change, and develop ways to mitigate it.

Budburst Plant Groups

We have over 400 verified plants in our database, but any of our users can upload new species. The more data we collect and species we add to our list, the more we’re able to understand the impact of climate change on our environment.

Every plant has a story. You can help us tell it.

From collaborative outdoor projects and research gardens to nature walks and phenophase tracking, there’s something for everyone, anytime of year.

  1. Research Projects
  2. Group Activites
  3. Educator Activities
  4. Family Activities

Do your part for our planet. Join Budburst today.

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