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Budburst Group Activities

Connect with fellow community scientists.

Budburst Groups are great for classes, clubs, and other organizations. They allow for collaborative work and sharing observations. Groups can serve many purposes: students can gather data on specific plants in a schoolyard, research garden, or remotely in their backyard or neighborhood. Additionally, clubs can monitor a local species of interest, and visitors can monitor multiple plant species in a forest preserve or similar setting.

  1. Phenology blitz for your location

    Spend a day out with your group making phenology observations.
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  2. Adopt a trail

    National and local parks may both have opportunities for being a trail volunteer, or adopting a trail of your own.
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  3. Create a garden

    With some native plants from a local nursery you can make any place a great garden for pollinators.
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  4. Find a plant from all five plant groups

    Use our app to submit a phenophase observation on a wildflower, deciduous tree, broadleaf evergreen, conifer, and grass.
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  5. Submit a pollinator observation

    Find a flowering plant and watch for visiting pollinators.
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  6. Visit a nature center

    Local nature centers are great starting points for observations.
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Participating in Groups

Our goal is to bring together people from all walks of life and every corner of the globe to inspire lasting conservation action. We have instructions on how to join or create groups to help build connections.

There’s something for everyone

Budburst also has a wide variety of activities for Educators and Families.

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