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Why Participate?

Track the effects of climate change with the touch of a button

See the natural world you love in a whole new way

When it comes to finding ways to mitigate climate change, we like to start in our own backyard: observing plants and pollinators is critical to understanding how our environment is responding to the changes in our climate. These observations come from community scientists just like you. With Budburst, you can experience the magic of nature, while contributing to the fight to save it.

Charlie Hoffmann

Chicago, IL

  1. Experience the magic of nature
    • Learn about plants and phenology

    • Monitor the life cycle of plants in your area

    • Uncover the connections between you and your environment

    • See the impact of climate change firsthand

  2. Help preserve our planet
    • Analyze plant life in your area 

    • Take part in ongoing conservation efforts

    • Collaborate with fellow community scientists around the country

    • Assist with the study of plant and pollinator preferences

    • Contribute to datasets used in climate research publications

Budburst Activities

Our wide range of activities encourage collaboration with people from all walks of life, observing and sharing data together in their neighborhoods, nature centers, and nature loving hobbies.  

Budburst Groups are a great way to get involved. Users can join one or start their own.

Families can use Budburst as a fun and fulfilling outdoor activity for all ages. 

Lastly, educators can use Budburst as a tool to illustrate the phenological process, as well as an avenue to introduce students to climate change.

I like the idea of asking students to look closely at plants over a period of time, and notice the many changes that take place... I appreciate the idea of community science, and I like to share this concept with my students, who are always happy to contribute to a larger project than their small lab reports.

Dana Dudle, Phd, Winona H. Welch Professor of Biology and Associate Chair of the Biology Department, DePauw University

The data you collect is put to good use for the good of us all.

Budburst data are freely available for anyone to download and use. In fact, scientists, horticulturists and educators in the Budburst network and beyond have relied on it for current climate research efforts.

Do your part for our planet. Join Budburst today.

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