Photo Credit
Photo courtesy of Stephen Lea, Wikimedia.

Douglas iris

Scientific name
Iris douglasiana
Plant Family
Plant Group
Douglas iris are perennial herbs growing from a creeping, tuberous rhizome with long, linear leaves with parallel venation. Flower stems are erect with pale cream to light, dark lavender or deep reddish purple flowers from May to June.
Identification Hints

Douglas iris grows abundantly along the Pacific coast from Santa Barbara County into Oregon. It is found in shade with moist soils with ample organic matter. This plant is common in grassy places, especially near the coast, generally at low elevations. It grows naturally in the coastal prairie and mixed evergreen forest communities.

Nativar Research Project - contribute your pollinator observations of this native plant and four of its cultivars: ‘Canyon Snow,' ‘Pacific Coast Hybrid,’ 'Canyon Sunshine,' and ‘Brown Velvet.’
Did You Know?

Iris makes fine cordage - used by native peoples for fishing nets, snares, and regalia. Fibers from the leaf margins are particularly strong and flexible. Iris was also used for its medicinal value against bacterial infection and other agents.