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Photo courtesy of Wikimedia.

Foothill penstemon

Scientific name
Penstemon heterophyllus
Also Known As
Bunchleaf penstemon, Foothill beardtongue
Plant Family
Plant Group
Foothill penstemon is a small, shrub-like perennial, evergreen in mild climates, with a low, neat habit, 1 to 1 1/2 ft. high. Showy multitudes of 1 in., blue or purple to nearly magenta flowers bloom among dark-green foliage.
Identification Hints

Penstemon heterophyllus is a perennial herb producing upright, branching stems easily exceeding 1.5 feet in height and becoming woody at the bases.The leaves are variable in shape and may reach nearly 4 inches long. The inflorescence produces several wide-mouthed tubular flowers up to 1.5 inches in length that serve as a nectar source for (native) birds and butterflies. 

Nativar Research Project - contribute your pollinator observations of this native plant and four of its cultivars: ‘Electric Blue,' ‘Margarita BOP,’ 'Blue Springs,' and ‘Catherine de la Mare.’
Did You Know?

Penstemon heterophyllus is cultivated as an ornamental plant by plant nurseries. It is used as a flowering perennial for traditional flower beds, and in native plant, drought-tolerant, and habitat gardens and public landscapes. It is a nectar source for (native) birds and butterflies.