Coral bells along a downed log.
Photo Credit
Courtesy of Stan Shebs, Wikimedia.

Jill of the rocks

Scientific name
Heuchera maxima
Also Known As
Channel Islands coral bells, Island alum root
Plant Family
Plant Group
Jill of the rocks is a rhizomatous perennial wildflower growing a broad patch of large, rounded, multi-lobed, green leaves. It grows 1–3 feet in height. It is unique to the four northern Channel Islands of California, within Channel Islands National Park.
Identification Hints

Heuchera maxima can be found on canyon cliffs in coastal sage scrub habitats.  The flower stem reaches up to 24 inches tall, with many clusters of hairy flowers. Each flower is rounded with fleshy white or pink lobes and tiny petals curling away from the center. 

Did You Know?

Heuchera maxima is also cultivated as an ornamental plant for traditional, drought tolerant, native plant, and wildlife gardens. It prefers part shade, including as a ground cover in dry shade conditions under oaks.

Nativar Research Project:  Contribute your pollinator observations of this native plant and these three of its cultivars.  Are pollinators as attracted to the nativars as they are to the original native plant?  Read more at the Nativar Research Project page.

Heuchera maxima 'Old La Rochette'  Heuchera maxima 'Susanna'  Heuchera maxima 'Wendy'