large pink flower on a stalk - Kankakee mallow
Photo Credit
Courtesy of H. Jean Bryan.

Kankakee mallow

Scientific name
Iliamna remota
Plant Family
Plant Group
Kankakee mallow's native range is limited to an island in the Kankakee river in eastern Illinois. It grows from 3 to 7 feet tall with leaves that are palmately lobed.
Identification Hints

Flower color of the Kankakee mallow ranges from white to purple. These large flowers form in the axils of the leaves and bloom from July into August. 

Did You Know?

The Kankakee mallow was placed onto the endangered species list for the state of Illinois in 1980.

Find plantings of Kankakee mallow by visiting the shoreline areas of the Chicago Botanic Garden or along  "The Wild Mile," a floating eco-park in the Chicago River.  This park - which includes floating gardens, forests, wetlands, public walkways, and kayak access points - is a project of Budburst partner Urban Rivers.   Post your phenology observations of Kankakee mallow to!