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Silverleaf scurfpea

Scientific name
Pediomelum argophyllum
Also Known As
Silverleaf Indian breadroot
Plant Family
Plant Group
Silverleaf scurfpea has a main erect stem with blue or purple flowers. The plant produces hairy legume pods containing bean-like seeds.
Identification Hints

The small dark blue-violet flowers are in open spikes with where 2 to 8 flowers whorl around the stem. Leaves are palmately compound in groups of 3 to 5, on a stalk to 1½ inches long. Leaflets are oval to lance elliptic, unequal in size, toothless, and pointed on both ends. Stems are erect, many branched and spreading laterally. Both leaves and stems are covered with dense, shiny hairs that give the plant a silvery appearance.

Did You Know?

Indian breadroots are native to North America. Some species have woody roots while others have starchy tuber-like roots which can be eaten like tuber vegetables such as potatoes or made into flour.