Photo Credit
Photo courtesy of Ken Voorhis.

Yellow buckeye

Scientific name
Aesculus flava
Also Known As
Common buckeye, Sweet buckeye
Plant Family
Leaves are compound with 5 leaflets, connected like blades on a pinwheel. Found in deep, moist soils. Bark grayish brown. Nuts are shiny rich brown.
Identification Hints

Yellow buckeye leaves are compound with 5 leaflets that are toothed and connected like blades on a pinwheel. Buckeye twigs are relatively large and are shaped like bullets at their ends. The bark of the tree is grayish brown and might become quite shaggy on older trees. The nut is shiny and a rich brown color that feels smooth in your hands. Fall color is yellow to orange.

Did You Know?

The champion Yellow buckeye is found in the Great Smoky Mountains and is 136' tall and 19'1'' in circumference. The Cherokee use Yellow buckeye wood for ceremonial masks. The common name for this tree comes from settlers who liken the nut to the eye of a buck deer.