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Summer Solstice Snapshot


Observe Summertime Phenology

Look closely at the plants around you: what stories are they telling you?  What plants are flowering? Which are fruiting or dropping seeds?  In the heat of summer it can feel as though everything slows down, but the plants around you are still changing. How are they adjusting to changes in climate?  Your observations help tell their story. Scientists, researchers, and students will benefit from your observations.

Flowers, trees, and grasses are very active in the summer months.  So are we. During this time of summer vacations and visiting new places, take a look at the local plants. What do you see? Keep track of your backyard trees or native plants in your neighborhood! Picking wild raspberries or blueberries? Take note of flowering and fruiting! Submit a phenology observation. 

The data you submit during the summer months helps scientists track how plants respond to changes in climate over time. You can check too!  When were Black-eyed Susans blooming in your state last year?  Five years ago? View the data to find out.

How to observe and report:

Reporting on flowers, trees and grasses you see this summer is easy!  Follow these quick steps:


Log into your Budburst Account

Submit your phenology observation using your handheld device or record your observations on a field report form and post your findings later. 


Track your data

Check your data from previous years in your Budburst Account, or view data from other observers using the Data menu.  Is this year's flowers or fruits appearing earlier or later than previous years? We invite you to track your plant over the entire growing season.


Submit your data

Upload multiple phenology observations on the same plant to follow it through multiple phenophase events. Even if you missed some phenophases, the data you collect will still be helpful.

All observations are helpful in understanding how plants respond to changes in climate and atmosphere over time.

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